Our Reviews of Christmas at the Clubhouse Anthology

Christmas at the Clubhouse 
Charity MC Anthology



Cover Designed Donated by The Final Wrap
Formatting by Ashley Wheels

Join 12 of your favorite MC authors as they bring you 11 inside look stories at how Christmas is done at their Clubhouse. ALL proceeds from this release will benefit Toys for Tots. ALL proceeds from this release will benefit Toys for Tots.
Badger’s Christmas Chance by Aden Lowe
Badger considers life outside the Hell Raiders MC, but to get the woman he’s
always wanted, plus pecan pie, can he stay put?
Silver Belles by Avelyn Paige
The big day has finally arrived for Raze and Darcy. Everything is finally
falling into place, but just before the wedding bells can ring, disaster strikes.
Now, Darcy is between a rock and a hard place. She must choose between pure
wedding bliss or no wedding at all. 

A Sinner’s Christmas by Colbie Kay

Bam Bam thought this Christmas would be like every other year at the clubhouse
until the door opens and the woman he could never have is pushed into his arms.
Santa…Nope The Grimm Wolves by D.M. Earl

When one of their own needs help will the club be able to pull together in time
or will their efforts be too late?

A Bastard for Christmas by Emily Minton and Shelley Springfield

Mistletoe, presents, and decorations, it’s Christmas time again. Let’s gather
around the tree and sing some carols. Screw that. We’re doing this biker
style. Whiskey, women, and weed. It’s time to celebrate like a Bastard.

A Korrupted Christmas by Geri Glenn

Tease hates the holidays, but most of all Christmas. And now, with his club
dealing with yet another catastrophe, he could do without it entirely. But that
isn’t going to fly with Laynie. She’s determined to give her man a festive dose
of Christmas spirit, whether he likes it or not.

A Forsaken Mistlehoe by JC Emery 

Tomorrow is Christmas, but I’m unwrapping my present tonight. Zander Strand is
MC royalty and the love of my life. So what if he doesn’t know I exist? He
doesn’t need my name to make this angel’s bells ring. I just hope he can get
it in and I can get out before anybody realizes who I really am.

Savage Christmas by Kathleen Kelly

Can Dane find Kat the ‘perfect’ Christmas present? Or will all his efforts
be in vain as his club, his kids and those closest to him foil all his hard

Steeling Christmas By K E Osborn

When a club girl vanishes, Steel and his brothers will do all they can to get
her back, even delving into the life he thought he’d left behind. Can Steel
keep his life in order or will he lose it all… just in time for Christmas?

Merry F’n Christmas by Kerri Ann

Christmas hasn’t been a pleasant event in my life or the club. Oubliette–the
tinsel terrorist–is trying to make Christmas great here in the Broken Bows.
Will it kill me?

Most Rikki-Tik by MariaLisa DeMora

Kirby Westbrook came home from overseas with a mission, to resurrect his
grandfather’s MC.


Goodreads: http://tiny.cc/wjekyy

PLEASE NOTE – Christmas at the Clubhouse will be live on all platforms for 7 days, before moving to Kindle Unlimited.

What a treat this anthology is, a little bit of everything for everybody!
Aden Lowe-This story deals with what happens when a biker becomes older and the love of his life is available but he feels is unavailable to him. This is their story and a real Christmas romance it is too.
Avelyn Paige-A Christmas wedding in the making but then disaster strikes. Oh the emotions surely do fun in this story and I have to admit to a few stray tears but it’s oh so good.
Colbie Kay-Oh my this story grabs your attention from the beginning and holds on. I have to know what happens next!
DM Earl-The president, Brick, and his old lady, Emmie, are a fantastic couple-sexy, in sync with each other and totally in love. Great story about loyalty and love of family brotherhood as well. A lesson to be learned is included as well about making assumptions, absolutely brilliant!
Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield-Each old lady has an issue that is quite deep and troubling, the men handle the situation well.
Geri Glenn-This is a story of when the past interferes with the pleasure of the present. Real life fears are explored. Love is abundant. Christmas is celebrated.
JC Emery-Ah young love that has lingered for years! What a sweet romance set in a not so sweet setting!
Kathleen Kelly-This story is centred on Dane and Kat and their very large extended family. A fantastic tale, with a few tricks and treats, to get you into the festive spirit.
KE Osborn-OMG the poem at the start is pure gold! The whole episode is brilliant from start to finish! It leaves you feeling fantastic and really in the Christmas spirit.
Keri Ann-Trouble is brewing but positive things are also happening for the club in this jam-packed story. Be warned it ends on a cliffhanger and like me, you will want, no need to have the next story as soon as possible.
MariaLisa deMora-What a tremendously fabulous story this is, right from the beginning it feels so good and continues to do so right to the end.

Reviewed by Robyn

What could be better than spending Christmas at the Clubhouse… having Christmas with 11 different MC’s! This was a fabulous read, 11 short stories by 12 amazing authors who bring us some very steamy scenes, lots of family-friendly moments and a whole lot of fun and Christmas cheer! Well as much cheer as big, tough alpha bikers and their families can manage! Highly recommend this book!

Reviewed by Nat

What an absolutely great Christmas read for any lover of HOT biker men who love these fabulous Authours! Jam-packed full, I got to catch up with some of my fave characters as well as meeting some new ones which in turn has made me find some great new authors to follow. Not to be missed!

Reviewed by Cherie

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